Destiny Choice Points: North Node in Leo

In recent weeks, I’ve had the honor of many humbling and inspiring experiences withmaxresdefault clients. I’ve sat with several people who then report back to me, letting me know about the insights they’ve had since the session, and the changes they’ve made — all as a result of “ah-has” they’ve arrived at because of our work together. It makes my heart swell with joy, not just because I love seeing people become aware of the power of astrology and shadow integration work, but because I know that what the world needs now, more than anything, is more people coming to terms with their own “stuff” and then cultivating the courage to face said stuff and heal.

In a class the other night, we began discussing the recent shift of the nodes of the Moon from the Virgo-Pisces axis into Leo-Aquarius. As I’ve leaned into this shift, which is profoundly impacting my own chart, I’ve felt that swell of heart joy many times. In fact, that swell — that spark of inspiration that leads to embodied creativity — is what Leo is all about. With the nodes of the Moon on the Leo-Aqua axis now, we’re being asked to step into our hearts and manifest our genius, that unique calling that lies within each of our souls.

The power of the Aquarian polarity, then, is that Aquarius is what liberates us from the conditioning that keeps us from hearing and actualizing the call. Aquarius frees us enough to recognize our own spark of genius and then actualize that. One problematic aspect of this process, which Jung referred to as the process of individuation, is that it can make us feel like outsiders. Aquarius carries the energy of the exile, because it is the sign of difference. That fear of being an outsider — of being ‘alone’ on the journey, of being different — is what keeps so many from stepping into their true path.


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