Capricorn Full Moon: Perseverance

Happy Full Moon weekend, y’all.

Happy? Hm. Maybe not. I mean, that might indeed be the case for some of you! For others of you, not so much. And I suppose that’s an apt description of any moment in time — it all depends on everything — but for those of you feelin’ the cosmic tumult, I bet it does indeed feel somewhat extra-ordinary, perhaps a bit cosmic, and maybe just…well, fuckin’ rough.

There’s a lot of intense energy bouncing around out there. Intense energy that is desperately  trying to wake us up . But here’s the thing. Sometimes we wish that good ol’ Intense Energy would be a bit more direct with it’s communication and let us know exactly what it’s trying to transform. It’s like sometimes Intense Energy doesn’t realize that what it’s ACTUALLY DOING, rather than explicitly waking us up, is taking us around on an inner goose chase as we flail and fall, scrambling to grasp onto any sense of reason or meaning, any external event that we can blame for why we feel so awful. Then we volcano our emotions all over that external thing, whether it’s the cause or not, whether our reaction is proportional or not… and the result might or might not align with what Intense Energy was trying to reveal to us.

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