Libra New Moon: Rebelling Against Subservience





Lovely ideas, aren’t they? Tranquility. Quiet. Calm.

lisbeth cheever-gessaman lilith

Have you been finding much of that the past few days? Honest question. You might have been! As an inner state amidst chaos? As an outer state while storms rage inside? What about at this moment? How do you feel deep down at your core? Take a deep breath or two and tune in for a second.

Hypothetically speaking, if we just take a Libra New Moon at face value, we might say the focus is on peace, equilibrium, diplomacy, balance… seeing the other side… relationships… beauty. But this is no ordinary Libra New Moon (side note: is anything ordinary these days?). This New Moon takes place directly opposite Uranus in Aries. It takes place amidst a sea of change as several planets make the shift from Libra to Scorpio, preparing us to once again plumb our depths. More.

It also takes place as a body known in astrology as Black Moon Lilith conjuncts the Galactic Center.


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