The Non-Monogamous Projection Train

What does it mean to own our own projections? Do we really absorb other people’s frickin’ karma during sex? How the hell do we process that? And how do hierarchy, internalized shame and authentic relating play into paradigm shift? Just some minor questions for the day…


Becoming Conscious of Ourselves

It can be so difficult to look outside of ourselves for so very many reasons. I honestly have buckets of compassion for all when I think about the ways we’ve each been wounded and how many people in my life have been rocked again and again by traumas of one kind of another.

Comfort & Destruction

As the earth shakes, which I’m told is happening increasing amounts, it’s triggering those big fears of suffering and loss experienced after eruptions and quakes or hurricanes. Or perhaps it’s the trauma of being in a village suddenly attacked by outsiders. We all hold these memories within us, and as events on the outside trigger the trauma held in our fields, our emotional and physical bodies can respond as if the core trauma is happening all over again.