Capricorn Full Moon: Perseverance

Happy Full Moon weekend, y’all. Happy? Hm. Maybe not. I mean, that might indeed be the case for some of you! For others of you, not so much. And I suppose that’s an apt description of any moment in time — it all depends on everything — but for those of you feelin’ the cosmic […]

Cancer New Moon: Remembering Home

New Moon June 23, 2017 exact at 7:31pm Pacific Time 3 degrees Cancer And so we arrive at the first New Moon of the summer. How are you feeeeeeeling? Did you feel that shift from frenetic, curious Gemini mind to soft and sensitive  — or in my case, a little cranky — Cancer? Perhaps the […]

Almost Summer Prayers

  Sometimes we wake up, slowly, in the morning, deep breath in, stretch, and it slams…down…on the chest. Or maybe it creeps in. Slowly, pulsing, crushing…sadness, depression… And we start grasping, don’t we? For the meaning. WHY am I feeling this way? What’s the reason? We create stories, they take on new life, and we […]

Full Moon in Sadge: Into the Heart of Truth

  Do you feel it? The pause before the exhale? The bliss of inhaled expansion? Or maybe, my love, for you it’s more like The calm before the storm? Or rigid, pulsing dread? Clashing of realities. Dimensions spatting in parallel. Big hopes and dreams come swirling through this Sagittarian Full Moon portal… Opening, confusing, clarifying, […]

New Moon in Gemini: A Quickening

New Moon in Gemini on Thursday, May 25 at 12:44pm (PDT) Who are we really? Are we each one united whole? Are we supposed to be? Or do we contain multitudes? From the Geminian perspective, the latter is far closer to the truth — the psyche is polytheistic, or comprised of many gods. In Gemini […]